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Less Government. More Liberty.
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Dear Friends,
One of our greatest presidents once said, “As government expands, liberty contracts.” Over the past decade, Wisconsin families and businesses have borne the burden of high taxes, out of control government spending and crippling regulations. Government has grown and our liberties have contracted.
Fortunately, our new Governor is committed to undoing the damage that has been done, but he is going to need help fixing Wisconsin government. He will need strong, principled, conservative leadership in the legislature to help him undo the years of damage our state has been subjected to.
I pledge to you that if elected, I will work diligently – always within the bounds of the U.S. and Wisconsin Constitutions – to lift the crushing hand of big government from our families and our employers. With the help of Almighty God, we can turn our state and this economic crisis around. Please join me in this task. Let’s shrink government. Let’s expand liberty. The work we have to do is great. Now let’s have at it!
Dave Craig
Candidate for 83rd Assembly

A fifth-generation Wisconsinite, Dave grew up in a family business, seeing firsthand the barriers to success big government places in front of small business. Hired out of college as an aide to Congressman Paul Ryan, Dave worked the next nine years helping Ryan advance the cause of limited government and the free enterprise system - while also holding a job in the private sector. Elected to represent the 83rd Assembly District in a special election in May of 2011, Dave has fought along side Governor Walker to put Wisconsin's economy back on track, balancing the budget for the first time in over a decade, enacting concealed carry legislation and helping lead the fight against ObamaCare in Wisconsin. Before his election, Dave also served in various leadership positions in his church as well as having served on the Village of Big Bend Board of Trustees. In his free time, Dave enjoys spending time with his family, hunting and bowfishing. Dave and his wife, Amy, make their home in the Town of Vernon with their four children.